August 6th, 2009


Killer robots, politicizing health care, and curing the gays

* Top read: Howard Kurtz on the politicization of health care reform. More on the protest organizers here.
* Murdoch plans to charge for all its online news.
* Why the Birthers are getting more press than the Truthers.
* Lobbyists forging letters from nonprofits to fight legislation? Classy.
* Well, duh: the American Psychological Association says that efforts to "cure" gays and lesbians don't work.
* Iran bans pilgrimages to Mecca in fear of the spread of swine flu.
* "Scientists say they have decoded the entire genetic structure of HIV-1 - the main cause of Aids in humans."
* Debating the ethical use of killer robots. (Courtesy squishydish.)
* Oh hey. Ridley Scott wants to film Brave new World.
* Talking the legacy of Star Trek with Roddenberry's son.