August 3rd, 2009


Today's top Canadian

"...The list of things 'egregiously twisted out of shape, or even outright made up' by politicians and theoretically-journalists in the United States about the Canadian health care system is fucking legion. It never seems to goddamn end, and let me tell you: as a Canadian, I speak for just about all Canadians when I say that this is one of the things that really pisses me off about Americans (who are generally quite a decent bunch, all things considered), because the root assumption Americans make when they say that Canadians have shit healthcare and die waiting in line and so forth is that we are a nation of idiots who don't know any better, considering that we live right next door to the capitalist paradise that is American health care. That this sometimes comes out of ignorance makes it no less rude.

"And yes, I know Canadians can be and often are just as guilty of the same behaviour in reverse, myself included. There is one underlying difference, though, which is this: when it comes to health care, we're right (or at least more right), and America is wrong. We cover all of our population for less money per capita than America does, and by most metrics we deliver relatively equal or better health outcomes."


well dang

Thrift store invasion: complete. Z. is set for first grade next month with quite the new wardrobe. And M. and I even found a couple items for ourselves. Man, never seen that joint that crowded though. And on a Monday afternoon!

Double thanks to uu_mom for offering to drive us out there.