July 28th, 2009


keeping it classy

"With the availability of all that whiz-bang U.S. security technology, the paranoid team of Bush/Cheney couldn't produce one speck of credible evidence of Iraqi WMD. But then, when the evidence of global warming (courtesy of their own spy satellites) was staring them in the face, not one speck of evidence ever informed their behavior, let alone leaked out to the American people ... until the Obama Administration declassified these photos last week."


two new shows that have caught my eye

Being Human - Interesting! I like the focus on the characters, using the supernatural elements as a focus for who the are, not the other way around. Eager to see where it is going. (Werewolf transformation was better special effects than I usually give the BBC credit for, even these days.) Can definitely see myself sticking with it.

The Colony - Pleasant diversion, not too deep. Gives me lots of ideas for what I want the show to be; I hope it can continue to deliver on my possibly unreasonable expectations.