July 25th, 2009



OK, so, I'm not delving into too much ComiCon news, just because it's still going on, and it's easier just to read the inevitable wrapups. But yes, it looks like Heroclix is returning, which is fancy. And then I read this, which is just astounding: Marvel has acquired the rights to Marvelman/Miracleman. Seriously big news. I had half-resigned myself to never being able to read all this thing, and now to find out we might even get the unpublished Gaiman stuff, just, wow.

(Now, let's hope and pray that Joey Q doesn't decide to 'Sentry' it up, and bring Miracleman into the mainstream Marvel universe...)


Russian history and punching the monkey

"I'm smart enough to know that this country doesn't have a problem with conservatives. It has a problem with blind ideology. And those who are ideological-driven to a fault are never going to be able to take this party back into relevancy."

* Jane Harman on 'what the CIA hid from Congress.'
* Big Tobacco goes global.
* Jay Newton-Small on the state of play on health care reform. Also, the poll that helped shape the Republican response.
* Molotov-Ribbentrop what? Russia fights the West's opinion of Russian history.
* The Republicans have a new Palin problem.
* Dredging the Mississippi.
* There are certain pics I am always a sucker for. Like, hand motions.
* "It was in Bali that I punched my first monkey."