July 16th, 2009


Mark Knoller, Afghanistan, and ocean sprawl

* Why Mark Knoller rules: analyzing Obama's first 200 speeches.
* Glen Greenwald on more bad reporting from CNN, and how bad stories get circulated into the news cycle. Bonus: journalists arguing against investigation? Really?
* More Israeli soldiers speak out on Gaza abuses.
* Looking at health care as a national security issue.
* China is wary despite economic growth.
* Learning from history in Afghanistan.
* Denmark plans an Arctic military command.
* Looking to curb 'ocean sprawl'.
* The woman who made the USA Network one of cable's top channels.


In blackest night

io9.com presents their Blackest Night 101 primer, which has some pretty insightful bits. Including tying the whole thing back to the death of Superman, and how DC might be working to fix some of their 'death as a revolving door' problems. Recommended for nerds everywhere.

(Oh, and if you do read it, don't miss that you can click down to expanded articles in the subsections, like I did the first read through.)