July 14th, 2009

Rock Star

All I ever learned from love/Was how to shoot at someone who outdrew you

As noted over the weekend, I'm really not a lyrics guy. When I'm listening to music, I will simply make up whatever words to fill in the gaps of words I don't know, and I'm perfectly happy to stick with that. (Much to M.'s consternation, at times.)

I suppose that's one of the reasons behind why I started the sermon posts. Lyrics aren't a big part of my enjoyment of a song, but some lyrics are pretty compelling, and strike me with a sense of poetry.

So, yeah. Just some Tuesday rambling.


Goldman Sachs, state governments in peril, and Supreme Court bingo

* Why journalism matters: Glen Greenwald on the rise of Goldman Sachs. And how they now own America. Top read.
* Good read: the six most dysfunctional state governments. Seriously, wow.
* Speaking of which, many states are looking for alternatives to prisons to help the cash crisis.
* New world order: "The Chinese government can put down a riot - but its heavy-handed tactics ensure that ethnic tensions will keep simmering."
* Jimmy Carter leaves the Southern Baptist Convention over equality. (Courtesy examorata.)
* Good news from on the ground in Swat.
* In praise of Dr. Benjamin, Obama's surgeon general nominee.
* The NAACP turns 100, and ponders its future.
* MGK presents your Supreme Court hearing bingo card. Fun for everyone!