July 6th, 2009


Tiny sheep, Rhode Island, and Terry Gilliam

* Six unanswered questions after the Metro crash.
* "Just imagine if the Uighurs were a Christian - rather than Muslim - minority, battling against the tyrannical Communist regime in Beijing, resisting various types of persecution, and demanding religious freedom."
* 'What we buy more of during a recession.'
* Why the fundamentalist set adores Sarah Palin.
* Don't put too much faith in the "organic" label on food.
* Is climate change leading to smaller sheep?
* 'The sordid history of the sexually exotic East.'
* Sarah Vowell on the renaming of Rhode Island.
* Cursed director Terry Gilliam, on Heath Ledger's last movie.



"Virtually every tactic which the article describes the Iranians as using has been used by the U.S. during the War on Terror, while several tactics authorized by Bush officials (waterboarding, placing detainees in coffin-like boxes, hypothermia) aren't among those the article claims are used by the Iranians. Nonetheless, 'torture' appears to be a perfectly fine term for The New York Times to use to describe what the Iranians do, but one that is explicitly banned to describe what the U.S. did. Despite its claimed policy, the NYT has also recently demonstrated its eagerness to use the word 'torture' to describe these same tactics... when used by the Chinese against an American detainee.

"Notably, the NYT article today seems to take particular offense that the Iranian Government is putting people on trial using confessions they obtained via torture ('the government planned to put on trial several Iranian employees of the British Embassy — after confessions were extracted')."

Rock Star

tonight's sermon

The mist across the window hides the lines
But nothing hides the color of the lights that shine
Electricity so fine
Look and dry your eyes

So tired of all the darkness in our lives
With no more angry words to say
Can come alive
Get into a car and drive
To the other side...