July 3rd, 2009

Adult Swim terrorist

oh ferchrissakes

Attention Metro: if you don't mention to your riders that you'll be operating on a reduced weekend schedule on Friday*, then you will end up with a bunch of irate riders outside the locked gates at early a.m., because that's when they expect to be able to ride your overcrowded mass transit train.


* - because it makes perfect sense, when there's a lot of extra people in town for a holiday, to run fewer trains on your already overcrowded system.


Dinosaurs, urban policy, and Predators

* Iranians talk about life in the aftermath of the protests. And what next for the protest movement?
* Obituary: "The Washington Post died today. It was five months short of its 132nd birthday."
* The Obama administration will make its mark with urban policy.
* 'Five media myths debunked by Michael Jackson's death.'
* Wow. Every time I think Rep. Michele Bachmann can't surprise me anymore, she goes above and beyond the call of duty.
* "If your plane crashes and you find yourself floating in the ocean, what should you do?"
* BANJO. Three new dinosaur species identified in Australia.
* They're fast-tracking the new Predator movie for next summer.