July 2nd, 2009


Dark Reign: Crisis of Infinite Crossovers

Once in a while, I re-find a blog I used to read, and am reminded of how awesome it is. This is why I've just been using LJ feeds to keep track of all sorts of these through the friendslist. It's fancy. Today's comic book reading: Weekly Crisis.

Three great examples, discussing what's wrong with mainstream comics: why we can't have nice things, what DC is doing wrong, and what Marvel is doing wrong.


Torture, the media, and Guillermo del Toro

* "A group called Velvet Revolution is targeting 12 Bush administration attorneys for disbarment for their role in justifying and providing legal cover for the torture of detainees."
* Good read: "Manly men have been running the world forever. But the Great Recession is changing all that, and it will alter the course of history."
* Another good read: NPR's refusal to use the work 'torture' and perceived impartiality in the media.
* Michael Scherer on the administration's continued selling of the stimulus.
* Every time I don't think reports on Scientology can surprise me anymore, I'm totally mistaken.
* Heh. Advice from the original self-help book, published in 1859.
* Next TV remake: Alien Nation?
* The coming decade belongs to Guillermo del Toro.