June 30th, 2009


Poppies, Froomkin, and a plague of beetles

"Three different Bush appointees considering cases relating to war-on-terror detainees have rejected arguments from Obama's Justice Department, which adopted virtually unchanged the positions the Bush administration had staked out. In each case, the Bush-appointed judge said the executive branch was overstepping its authority and claiming more powers than the law allowed."

* The City Paper offers a logical explanation for why Froomkin is leaving the Post. Still a poor decision, IMHO.
* Compare and contrast: Iran and Solidarity.
* Glen Greenwald discusses the Supreme Court's 'white firefighter' ruling, and what it means for Sotomayor.
* Interesting read: Rahm on Obama.
* Fighting commercialization of the NHS in the UK.
* The drug war in... Canada?
* The Explainer on growing poppies in Afghanistan.
* 'North America faces beetle plague'