June 29th, 2009


Netflixin': I Am Legend

It turns out that if you turn off the movie about an hour and three minutes into the movie, and make up your own ending, you get a pretty excellent movie. Unfortunately, the studio decided to go a different way. (This will be called the A.I. effect.) Seriously poor choice. I've been told there are director's cut that improves this, but still. Smith does well, again, but the film is ultimately disappointing, despite a very promising start. And it totally fits in with my post-apocalypse needs.

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The KGB, ugly animals, and the Failed States Index

Today's top read: ForeignPolicy.com presents the 2009 Failed States Index. Bookmark it for later reading.

* Red Cross report shows tragedy in Gaza.
* What Obama learned early: all politics is local.
* Ukraine opens up old KGB files.
* Greta Christina on the anniversary of the Stonewall riots and the importance of confrontation.
* And the infamous Texas Board of Education moves on social studies.
* The return of Lindsey Graham?
* Heh. Moving to start saving ugly species.
* Interesting article on the little genome variation across the peoples of the world.
* Whoah: "Britain recently released its 'War Book,' detailing the national plan for life after a nuclear attack." (Courtesy shadorunr.)

Darkseid is.

don't know where to start

Up through this morning, the weekend was going swimmingly.

In my attempt to let things that don't matter really not matter, I will not recap how this afternoon went from smooth to crazy, and instead go with the positive things:

1.) Z. had a good weekend, and M. is back in town. Huzzah to both accounts.

2.) The landlord was excellently responsive, and the dishwasher will hopefully be fixed, um, soon.

3.) No one got hit by the falling fluorescent light bulb.