June 27th, 2009


This, that

Thursday, played some original flavor HALO with actionjbone. I had never played any of them before; never was a console gamer. It's fun, I confess, but without the mouse, I was a terrible shot. Luckily, I was an even-worse driver, so my shooting looked (somewhat) better by comparison. To my credit, I was planning to run my teammate over with the jeep at some point. When I actually ran him over, it was completely accidental.

Yesterday, walked up to the mall and grabbed tasty dinner with girlie47. Afterwards, we re-watched Go. I always remember that I like the movie, but I forget that I actually love the movie. It's just 90's fun, in a really weird package. And yes, I still need to track down the soundtrack at some point. Fun times.

Spoke to M. for a bit yesterday. Sounds like she's having a blast with her family.

And now, a brilliant poll:

Poll #1421886 today's ridiculous LJ poll

Did I loan you my DVD of 24 Hour Party People?

Yes, I have it.
You have previously, but I don't currently have it.
Wait, what?


Indefinite detention, atheists, and the settlements

* Sigh. The White House considers an executive order to hold detainees indefinitely.
* Good read: "There has now emerged a very clear - and very disturbing - pattern whereby Obama is willing to use legal mechanisms and recognize the authority of other branches only if he's assured that he'll get the outcome he wants."
* Marc Lynch on why we must oppose the Israeli settlements if we want peace.
* Supreme Court rules strip search of high school girl accused of smuggling ibuprofen illegal.
* "When jobs go, so do a city's people."
* FiveThiryEight.com busts the Republican 'next in line' myth.
* "Why do atheists have to talk about atheism?"
* Traditional arranged marriages meet reality TV in India.
* "How smart is Lady Gaga?"
* Interesting interview with comic book and TV writer Dwayne McDuffie. (Courtesy shadorunr.)