June 26th, 2009


Diplomacy, Doctor Who, and The Pacific

* The Metro crash is a sign of the troubles plaguing our aging transit system.
* "In other words, the deal for Shalit's release was secured by some of the neocon's most despised enemies (Jimmy Carter and Syria), with the help of a President they insist hates Israel (Barack Obama), relying on tactics they have long scorned (diplomacy, negotiating with Terrorists, including Hamas)."
* Speaking of diplomacy, we're restoring diplomatic ties with Venezuela.
* CSI America: Supreme Court rules defendants can cross examine forensic experts.
* So, with all these global crises, where's the UN?
* The Academy revolts against Best Picture Oscar changes.
* Ooh. HBO releases a trailer for The Pacific.
* The BBC looks back at the legacy of Doctor Who books.
* LATimes obituary for Michael Jackson.