June 25th, 2009


Frankenstein, diplomacy, and wallabies

Divide & conquer: "The thing that people haven't figured out about President Obama's conduct of foreign policy is that it's the same as his conduct of domestic policy. Obama believes in the power of negotiation and public dialogue to split his adversaries - Republicans at home, Islamists abroad - and strengthen his own position."

* Top read: "Policies that were wrong under George W. Bush are no less wrong because Barack Obama is in the White House."
* New evidence linking the Saudi royal family to al Qaeda?
* Learning from health care reform in Massachusetts.
* The Arab states remain silent on Iran.
* Holy cats. A 35,000-year-old bone flute offers insight into prehistoric human culture.
* A new film franchise for Jessica Alba?
* Viral ads for District 9 make waves.
* Oh, yes. Guillermo del Toro takes on Frankenstein.
* BBC headline domination: 'Stoned wallabies make crop circles'