June 22nd, 2009



"Yesterday's court ruling in Osborne was simply one of the most absurd and appalling rulings I have ever read. Chief Justice Roberts should be ashamed of himself. Because of his ruling, innocent men are going to die in prison or via the death penalty. It really is that simple. What is absolutely shocking about the ruling is how utterly dishonest it is. Roberts is usually a careful judge who at least can state the legal issue accurately. In this ruling, his portrayal of the facts and legal questions in the case is one dishonest statement after another."
-Ed Brayton

"So let's put Thursday’s DNA ruling into context. Yes, it's true. A sharply-divided Court refused to recognize a constitutional right to DNA testing following a conviction. 'Swing' Justice Anthony M. Kennedy swung this time with his conservative brethren and Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., aiming low as always when it comes to the rights of criminal defendants, declared that: 'DNA testing alone does not always resolve a case... The availability of technologies not available at trial cannot mean that every criminal conviction, or even every criminal conviction involving biological evidence,is suddenly in doubt. The dilemma is how to harness DNA's power to prove innocence without unnecessarily overthrowing the established system of criminal justice.'"
-Andrew Cohen


fun facts from our neighbors to the north!

"Some background for non-Canadians. Things here right now are not exactly peachy, much like in the rest of the world. (We’re better off to an extent because our banks weren’t allowed under Canadian law to take the Debt-Gambling Plunge of Death ™ that the rest of the world’s banks so eagerly performed. Interestingly, the reason for this is because under Paul Martin, the then-government-leading Liberal party decided it was a bad idea, despite intense lobbying from the banks and the Tories - including Stephen Harper - to remove those restrictive laws. Why nobody mentions this any more is something I do not quite understand.)"