June 18th, 2009


Iran, "Police", and the Moon

* "The crisis in Iran has moved far beyond a dispute over election results. It has turned into a struggle over the balance of power in the country, and Iran's future orientation."
* More Iran: CNN Q&A. Also, on the ground with Joe Klein.
* GAO report is critical of inter-agency cooperation to stem flow of guns to Mexico.
* The Explainer, on why Iranian cops use the English word "Police" on their riot shields.
* Republicans release their plans for health care. Well, sort of.
* Britain plans inquiry into WMDs and the Iraq invasion.
* What next for space exploration? Hopefully, the moon.
* Debating 'the Obama effect.'
* Nice. Obama signs executive memo extending partner benefits to same-sex couples.
* MGK on inauspicious trends at the box office.