June 16th, 2009


Iran, panties, and the Civil War

* Iran, sensing itself at a turning points, clamps down on foreign media. Also, Michael Scherer notes how it isn't about us this time around.
* Class warfare: does the media hate the rich? (I vote no, because the media is neither an entity nor a class. But worth reading.)
* Um, ok. Western states seek new curbs on federal power.
* Hmmm. 'Computer immigration raid' causes turmoil at factory.
* Good read: Updating the radical right's Obama myths.
* Seven crazy stories about the Civil War. (Courtesy shadorunr.)
* Understanding Iran through its movies.
* The best press release you will read today.

Darkseid is.

today in minor injuries

So, as Z. and I were waiting for the cab this morning, I decide to pick up the cat. This is something I do multiple times a day. I have a very good cat.

However, when she was about waist-high, she chose to freak out, for a change of pace. Not wanting to drop the cat, I hold on, so she doesn't fall. She goes for a second round of hurricane-force freaking, and I decide that yes, she will be fine if I drop her immediately. I go wash off the scratches on my left hand, and hmmm, they're a little worse than I thought at first. Only three of the ten are real winners, though. Also, they won't stop bleeding. Huh. Grab a damp red wash cloth, and hope it knits up soon. Z. didn't even notice until we got into the car.

That was about eight hours ago. I just reopened a couple of them for the umpteenth time. It's on a particularly flexible part of my palm that I apparently use for a lot of things.

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So, yes. Fun times. In a few, I will finally have M. bandage them up. I'm loathe to do so, but it's starting to get annoying.