June 5th, 2009


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"Not too long ago, I found myself reading a blog post which called for skepticism in sex. How skeptical do you have to be to advocate the scientific method in the bedroom? Well, according to Greta Christina, the author of the post and a full column on the subject, even when people see sex as something natural, healthy and very important in life, there's still a tendency to inject a large dose of the supernatural into it. To find out a little more about spirituality in sex and the culture which embraces it, I asked Greta for some insights."


Paranoia, China, and the Voynich manuscript

"This issue is not something that should be tearing us apart. It should be bringing us together. A respect for individual liberties is an essential part of being conservative."

"A bargain was made back then between the government and the people: leave the politics to us and you can make money. That was the deal, and its basically worked."

* Scary data about the real state of the economy.
* The next crisis: five big health care issues.
* Major scandal rocks UK cabinet.
* Obama's Cairo speech: what he said and what he didn't.
* Scandal over favoritism in college admissions.
* Are we heading towards a vegetarian revolution?
* xkcd solves the mystery of the Voynich manuscript.
* As one of my first roleplaying games, Paranoia will always have a place in my heart.