May 28th, 2009


Netflixin': The Tale of Despereaux

Over the weekend, M., Z., and I camped out on the bed and watched The Tale of Despereaux. I have to confess, it was a lot better than I was expecting. Definitely had some subtleties written in, and much like that other one we saw not too long ago, it has that crucial element of adult themes that don't beat you over the head. Huge voice cast of top-name actors, but honestly, they didn't need it. Recommended for the parents on the list.

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Parole Commission, Superfund, and drilling a fault line

* Dan Froomkin on how there's just too many big issues these days to handle them all at once.
* Increasing the role of the FBI in fighting terrorism.
* The shifting ground in the Pakistan struggle against the Taliban.
* Odd: investigating corruption at the Parole Commission.
* Using stimulus cash to clean up Superfund sites.
* Will Google face antitrust action?
* Whoah. The monster ship designed to drill into the Nankai Trough fault. (Bonus: quake zone diary.)
* Courtesy asimplelife: 'the big gay chip on my shoulder.' (Bonus: Russell Simmons.)

Adult Swim terrorist

Hey everyone: drink tea. Or something.

Click on this. It's a short YouTube film. I don't care if you actually watch it or not. It's for a friend of a friend, who is in a contest and the winner is picked by hits, and this kind of viral tomfoolery is really what the internet is all about. Plus, there's a scholarship on the line, and I know you're pro-education. If you know of a good, legitimate way to get it lots of views, then, make it so. I absolve you.