May 27th, 2009


Sotomayor, child soldiers, and health care

"The underlying question at the just completed network 'upfronts,' or fall-schedule presentations to advertisers, was, If we are truly becoming a different society - more abstemious, more modest in our ambitions, more community-focused, or just poorer - what will this new society blow its time watching on the tube?"

* The Supreme Court ruled that police may question a defendant without a lawyer present. (Courtesy MGK.)
* Sotomayor: "What Obama's Supreme Court pick says about him." Also, Republicans divided on the opposition.
* Addressing misconceptions about child soldiers.
* Why we should let social security go bankrupt.
* Interesting read on health care and growing costs in McAllen, TX.
* In the wake of the Prop. 8 ruling, Andrew Wheeler knows what we can outlaw next.
* "Everybody's talked about recycling water in a closed loop system, but nobody's ever done it before." Next: stillsuits.