May 25th, 2009


Map the Fallen

"A new online memorial provides a unique way to honor service members who have fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Google Earth layer, called Map the Fallen, enables the user to pinpoint where, when, and how each service member died. A line connects where the service member died to his or her hometown."


Andrew Cohen on Cheney

"Cheney's world today is still the world of September 11, 2001, a world where hijacked planes are screaming toward their targets, chaos reigns, and anything goes. It’s a world where civil liberties are endangered, laws are overlooked, and the enemy, for all we know, is truly at the gate. Cheney simply hasn't moved beyond that mode into the realm of the present. That's why he cannot accept that the decisions he and others made in the long shadows of that day — water-boarding, indefinite detention, Gitmo, and so on — were short-sighted and even, in some cases, counter-productive.

"President Barack Obama keeps accusing Cheney and other critics of offering American's a 'false choice' between national security and our ideals of personal freedom. In Cheney's case, the choice seems to be between continued immersion in the darkness of 9/11 or the embrace of the various wisdoms we have learned since. Seems to me that is as good an explanation as anything else to explain Cheney's confounding attitude and statements on such important topics."