May 21st, 2009


Fall TV schedules announced

OK, the fall network TV schedules have been announced.

Here's the announcement by Fox*. (Added bonus: why it's all about Dollhouse.)

Plus, the news from ABC (bonus: V returns!), NBC, and CBS. And yes, the CW is still around. (Bonus: includes vampires.)

For the quick hits, you can check Ausiello's cheat sheet.

[ADDED: handicapping ABC's new shows. 11:35 am]

* - I was shocked to uncover that I watch Fox more than any other network channel, as they have Dollhouse, Bones, and House. The latter two are entirely M.'s fault.


Refejcting fear, Saturn's rings, and a wolf shirt

"You know, I haven't really written about this as much as I should have, but I think Obama made a pretty big mistake in not more assertively rejecting fear earlier in his presidency. Fear is the ultimate Bush legacy. It's a hugely effective political weapon. But it tends to lead to really lousy decisions. We need to reject fear as a country, but I doubt even Obama can get that done in one speech."

* FiveThirtyEight on carbon taxes vs. cap-and-trade.
* New opposition to the Taliban in Pakistan.
* "As more states legalize same sex-marriage, the lack of outrage is striking."
* Related news: it's been five years since Massachusetts legalized gay marriage.
* Matt Frei on politics and mandates.
* The Explainer on why car companies close dealerships.
* Phil Plaint with an awesome pic of the rings of Saturn.
* Heh. Joke review on Amazon drives wolf shirt popularity.