May 6th, 2009


Creationists, white supremacists, and space monkeys

* Pakistani army plans to retake Swat from the Taliban.
* More from the ground in Afghanistan's Wardak province.
* 'Why the faithful approve of torture.'
* The Explainer explains the different versions of white supremacists.
* The worst part is, these people are in charge of teaching America's next generation.
* Domino theory: now that DC has stepped up to the plate, Maine joins the states allowing same-sex marriage.
* "A genetic map of Africa - the continent from which all modern humans originate - has provided information about its huge diversity of language and culture."
* Scientists identify the cause of the Olympic algal bloom.
* Honoring our space chimps.
* "Media conglomerates were supposed to takeover the world. So why are they dying?"



"Over the last decade, though, the right's thinking on this question has evolved. Today, the administration malfeasance consists of illegal torture, a crime I'd argue is no less serious than lying under oath about fellatio. Yet Republicans now believe that the Rule of Law is not only consistent with letting administration crimes go unpunished but actually requires it. To prosecute the departed administration would make us (to use their new catchphrase) a 'banana republic' - the premise being that banana republics are defined not by their use of torture but by their overly zealous enforcement of anti-torture laws."
-Jonathan Chait