April 11th, 2009


Water crisis, economic warfare, and zombies

"Zombies are the new vampires."

* Ten tough decisions Obama will have to make soon.
* The cautionary tale of the water crisis in Mexico City.
* Egads. Pentagon studies the threat of economic warfare.
* Fred Kaplan with an analysis of Gates's new Defense Dept. budget.
* Joe Klein on fighting the Taliban with diplomacy.
* Transparency watch: Obama releases Reagan documents previously kept secret. Wonder what we'll find.
* Good read: A dramatic shift in the culture war.
* Andrew Cohen on Scalia and sin.
* Utah reports on how its four-day work week for state employees is going.


Welcome to the...

As noted previously: Lisa de Moraes talks about why Fox says they're not airing the last episode of the season of Dollhouse, which may or may not actually be the last episode of the season. Confused? So's everyone else.

(As a favor to me, please no spoilers from the last two episodes, M. and I are behind on the show. We plan to catch up Sunday or Monday, when M. is back in town.)