April 10th, 2009


In Theaters: Watchmen

M. and I hit the Mazza Galleria yesterday, met up with a cohort, and caught what has to be one of the last showings of Watchmen. And I'm glad I saw it on the big screen, to be sure. I think they did a good job of adapting the material to the big screen, and crammed in a surprising amount of movie into the running time. Plus, the pacing made the whole thing feel shorter, which was a welcome treat. I'm not sure how well I could have followed it not having read the book, though. The casting was great, as well, especially Rorschach and Ozymandias. Good stuff all around.

New trailers:
* Crank: High Voltage - Man. I've always been an advocate of giving the people what they want, and this trailer looked like a lot of fun. And I haven't even seen the first one! Mr. Statham knows his audience.
* Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - More and bigger! Plus, I think I saw Ravage.
* Terminator Salvation - Holy cats. It's a big budget summer action movie avalanche. Can't wait. And man, even the cast looks good.
* X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Many superheroes! Much shirtless fighting!
* The Hangover - Wow.


Ghostbustin', climate change, and porn

Time on UMCP's battle over porn.

* Analysis: "Christians are now making up a declining percentage of the American population." Good read.
* For clues as to where climate change is going, look at Australia. (See also: Road Warrior.) Also, will climate change threaten corn production?
* Heh. Remember those Republican governors making noise about rejecting the stimulus funds? Funny story. (Bonus: paper trail.)
* A new group for gay Republicans?
* Islam news: new fatwa approves of nail polish.
* Oh, dear. Looks like the remake of Clash of the Titans is actually happening.
* Dan Aykroyd on the return of the Ghostbusters.
* Order of the Stick has a nice tribute to the late Dave Arneson.