April 9th, 2009


RFCs, the Eisners, and mapping gravity

Great read: James Poniewozik takes apart the alarmist populism of Glenn Beck.

* New Red Cross report details the involvement of medical workers in detainee abuse.
* Was the electrical grid compromised by international hackers?
* The 40th anniversary of R.F.C.s, a.k.a. the rules of the internet.
* The Explainer, on why Gmail is still beta.
* The Goce satellite is making detailed measurements of Earth's gravity.
* Fancy. Mapping 'the geography of buzz.'
* Nifty: non-bear illustrations by the Berenstains. (Courtesy shadorunr.)
* Ooh! Inside a Netflix mailing facility. (Courtesy mscongeniality.)
* The Eisner nominations are announced.