April 6th, 2009


late to the party

M. and I are considering catching Watchmen on Wednesday evening at some place Metro-accessible*, logically the Mazza Galleria. If anyone else is inclined, drop us a note, we'll include you on the plans.

* - because that's how we roll


say it loud

"...If there is one core issue that defines and shapes the American political landscape at this particular moment in history, that issue would have to be sex. Not abortion, not sex education in the schools, not HIV prevention, not same-sex marriage, not LGBT equality, not teenage pregnancy, not pornography, not prostitution. All of these are, of course, important and well-recognized political issues - debated daily on the evening news. But these individual issues are in one sense only proxies for something more basic, something more fundamental to the political crossroad at which we find ourselves. And that something is sex - how we feel about sex, what place we want sex to have in our lives, what place we want sex to have in society."