April 5th, 2009



Despite being completely into a few TV shows, and completely into this internet thing, I'm actually woefully bad about following most of the online content that's available these days. I barely ever read the Heroes comics, for instance. And Lost I only find out about after the fact, when someone else has pieced together the clues and posts their results. I'm so lazy.

Thusly, we have necrocannibal to thank for cluing me in to this completely crucial Lost online exclusive: "So It Begins".


it's the exact math that cracks me up

"This working puppy found enough Emulite to kill hundreds of people. Needless to say, the soldiers and contractors treat these dogs like royalty. There is no exaggeration whatsoever in saying that the working dogs are treated far better than our soldiers. (Not that anyone complains, but it is humorous for everyone to see that the dogs get treated even better than Air Force personnel, who are treated 2x better than soldiers, who are treated 5x better than Marines. That means bomb dogs are treated at least 10x better than Marines.)"