April 4th, 2009


seen before the movie (http://cheetahmaster.livejournal.com/1409971.html) the other day

New trailers:
* Where the Wild Things Are - As noted elsewhere, this looks dramatically better than I expected. Fingers crossed.
* Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - Totally looks like a vehicle to cash in on the newest 3-D craze, but might be amusingly cute nonetheless. Bonus: Mr. T.
* Up - Longer trailer, still sharp. Will Pixar's streak continue?
* Imagine That - Just like an Adam Sandler movie, except with Eddie Murphy. Whuf.


Wind power, the census, and a new Nightmare on Elm Street

"When are we going to be able to curb the kind of violence that is so... rapid that we can't even keep track of the incidents?"

* "Wind turbines off U.S. coastlines could potentially supply more than enough electricity to meet the nation's current demand."
* Analysis: Obama's relationship with Congress. Good read.
* The nominee to head the census sounds like a great pick to me. But then again, I don't understand how people can treat, you know, the census as a political issue.
* Speaking of which, today's headline: Republican warns of 'gay marriage Mecca.'
* Overcoming the "tyranny of dead ideas" about the economy and more.
* Good read: a new age of extinction.
* New Line picks a new Freddy Krueger for the remake.