April 3rd, 2009


Insectosaurus has a posse

This past Monday, Z. had a bonus day off from school (teacher in-service) so, for a special treat, we walked to the mall and caught Monsters vs Aliens. For the most part, this was standard Dreamworks fare: visually fun, with decent celebrity voices, and entertaining (if not deep enough) plot, and not quite as good as Pixar. However, I have to admit, our heroine Ginormica is pretty awesome. It's the standard girl-power storyline, nothing overly deep, but they do a good job of it, and it's much better than any Disney Princess stuff. That alone gives it an edge.

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Abandoned boats, Facebook, and the trade imbalance

* The big unspoken economic story: addressing the trade imbalance.
* Wow. Trying to determine the facts of forgotten deaths in immigration jails.
* Examining the Afghanistan plan.
* Behind-the-scenes sparring over the torture documents.
* A cheat sheet on Pakistan.
* Joe Klein with some thoughts on Netanyahu.
* New signs of the times: abandoned boats.
* Follow-up: Blagojevich finally indicted.
* Turns out social networking sites aren't big moneymakers.