April 1st, 2009

Rock Star

things that are cool

#1: Remember the seminary apartments that M. and I were considering, before we landed our palatial Kensington estate? Someone put up this photo gallery which shows why we fell for it so hard.

#2: Courtesy demigoth: I didn't realize that the Metalocalypse show was Brendon Small touring with the kids from School of Rock. So keen.

#3: NPR presents, for your listening pleasure, in its entirety, Leonard Cohen: Live in London. Sigh.


Stevens, Wolverine, and vampire fashion

* Yeesh. Justice Dept. drops charges against Stevens after prosecutorial misconduct.
* Congress still screws around over global warming.
* Working to preserve the remaining Native American languages.
* Howard Kurtz covers the blogs trying to take the place of an extinct Chicago newspaper.
* Dana Milbank on tough times for the funeral industry.
* Looking at the historical Narrenturm, Vienna's "tower of fools."
* Vampire fashion.
* Why I love Tom Shales.
* Neat. Celebrating the 35th anniversary of Wolverine with famous art covers.