March 26th, 2009


Shantytowns, Asimov, and nuclear power

Then again, maybe solar winds will devastate our civilization. (Courtesy demigoth.)

* Welcome to America, 2009: shantytowns spring up in cities nationwide.
* Incarceration falls by the wayside as state money gets tight.
* Remember the eighth-grader who was strip-searched because her school thought she was sneaking in ibuprofen? She's taken the case to the Supreme Court.
* A new angle for looking at the credit crisis, and how it is affecting regular businesses.
* Is China expanding its military?
* Five myths about nuclear power.
* Scopes what? Texas continues its war on science.
* And the UK continues its war on teenagers. (Courtesy shadorunr.)
* You know who else liked the name SciFi Channel? Asimov, bitches.
* Speaking of SciFi, they've also signed on for the Phantom and Alice in Wonderland.
* Future plans for Cartoon Network.