March 25th, 2009

Space Jerk

speaks for itself

"Movie fans won't be the only beneficiary of made-to-order DVD access to properties that are not popular enough to sustain regular DVD distribution. After diminishing sales returns from three seasons of the 1980s TV series Charles in Charge, Virgil Films is making Season 4 ($29.95) available exclusively through online retailer Amazon in the non-professional DVD-R format that can be duplicated quickly to meet consumer demand."


Medvedev, birth control, and "the recovery"

* Chris Mooney takes on de-politicizing science so we can discuss things like climate change.
* Howard Kurtz covers the coverage of Obama's most recent press conference, plus analysis by Michael Scherer, who also talks about moving the goalposts on 'recovery.'
* Can Medvedev bring change to Russia?
* "I've never heard a single plausible medical justification for keeping birth control prescription-only."
* Planning to fight record flooding in North Dakota.
* Truth commissions for Iraq?
* Blockbuster teams up with Tivo.
* Doing what he wants: chatting with Ian McKellen.
* American release date for the next Miyazaki flick.