March 17th, 2009


Drones, prostitutes, and the Dead Sea Scrolls

* "The protracted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are forcing the Obama administration to rethink what for more than two decades has been a central premise of American strategy: that the nation need only prepare to fight two major wars at a time."
* Related: Drones become increasingly popular with the top brass.
* New questions for the future of state colleges.
* Why no one should listen to Glenn Beck.
* Good read: Frank Rich on the economic downturn and the culture war.
* Interesting. Examining the new sexual double standard.
* Six years after New Zealand decriminalized prostitution, how have things changed?
* New claims that the purported authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls... didn't exist.
* Ooh. Photogallery of the the Blue Hole off Belize. (NOTE: may resize your window, so be forewarned.)