March 12th, 2009


Kidneys, newspapers, and Lincoln's pocketwatch

Cyberpunk now: "A one-eyed documentary filmmaker is preparing to work with a video camera concealed inside a prosthetic eye, hoping to secretly record people for a project about the global spread of surveillance cameras."

* Why not nationalize? John P. Hussman with some good economic straight talk.
* "In 2009 and 2010, all the two-newspaper markets will become one-newspaper markets, and you will start to see one-newspaper markets become no-newspaper markets."
* Nicholas Kristof on modern pig farming and disease epidemics.
* "While it is illegal to sell kidneys, it is not illegal to trade them."
* Space station scare over space junk.
* Today's BBC headline: "'Sausage-pony' prompts 999 calls"
* The secret message in Lincoln's pocketwatch.