March 4th, 2009


a bad dream that won't go away

"...Every American should take note of the incredible neo-Orwellian, near-totalitarian powers that President Bush's Justice Department granted the White House in the days after September 11, according to new memos that were released Monday. They are certainly not based on a 'conservative' limited government reading of the constitution. They are, by almost every account, of doubtful constitutional merit. And if we wish to continue to teach our children that freedom and liberty are the bedrock of the American form of government, we should as citizens take care to make sure they do not become a precedent for future Presidents to use in responding to attacks on the homeland."


Rush Limbaugh, prisons, and the Sun

* Turns out the CIA destroyed more incriminating tapes than originally reported.
* "Criminal correction spending is outpacing budget growth in education, transportation and public assistance."
* Moving the FISA court.
* Should we pay kids rewards for good grades? (Courtesy my dad.)
* Supreme Court meets YouTube.
* I'm not sure I agree with the Democrats' strategy on tying Limbaugh to the Republicans, but here's interesting commentary by Howard Kurtz and Joel Achenbach.
* A mass of incandescent gas: ten facts about the Sun.
* Neat! New bionic eye gives blind man limited sight.
* The Explainer on why stamp collecting is so big in China.
* Courtesy MGK: more photographic proof that birds are jerks.