February 27th, 2009


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"Much as it pains me, housing prices need to come down a lot more for the sake of the country. It's not that the housing market has suddenly gotten sick and needs medicine. It was sick, and it's getting better. Just like $4 gas, Pets.com and Jim Carrey's career, we are undergoing a needed correction."

* Analysis: the president's budget shows a shift in spending, and will bring him many challenges.
* "No one who really believes in fiscal responsibility could object to the proposed tax increases."
* Michael Scherer on Obama's speech, listing out the words he used. And Amy Sullivan on Jindal's response.
* Supreme Court upholds gun ban for anyone convicted of a domestic violence crime.
* What the Republicans shouldn't have learned from McCain's campaign.
* More unshocking news about dieting.
* Selling NYC tap water.
* I still don't get why you would make a new Clue movie.