February 23rd, 2009


The Oscars, Jefferson Davis, and the mystery of Prawo Jazdy

Good read: making the case for a truth commission with more from Dan Froomkin here.

Term limits for the Supreme Court?

* Israel turns to the right.
* Sign of the times: beer is no longer recession-proof.
* Tom Ridge speaks out against torture. Which I would have appreciated more a couple years ago.
* Neat. On the espionage by Jefferson Davis's slave.
* A Battlestar Galactica movie? Hmm.
* Snerk. Ireland finally catches a master criminal that has been plaguing them for years. There's only one problem.. (Courtesy William Gibson. Yes, that one.)
* The coolest thing you will see all day. (Courtesy shadorunr.)

Congrats to Mr. Ledger and that Slumdog movie: the 2009 Academy Awards are in. Interesting read: how could they improve the Oscars?