February 20th, 2009



Robin D. Laws has his Oscar predictions. And Nate Silver crunches the numbers here. I've seen so few, I likely won't even bother watching. Should've organized a get-together or something, to trick myself into it. Heh.

Quiet week on the whole, except that i just can't seem to get enough sleep. Working myself up to getting into a rhythm to just get things done that need doing, so I can budget other time for myself. Like, for instance, catching up with duck-pinners tomorrow.


banned musicals, economic ponderings, and Trader Joe's

* The economic crisis will not end globalization.
* Feh. Holder pushing to continue more of Bush's policies at Justice.
* BBC Q&A on shaping the Israeli government.
* Mark Knoller gives us the numbers on Obama's first month in office.
* "Reality check: Republicans had no intention of compromise on stimulus"
* Hey, did you know who actually owns Trader Joe's?
* How Hollywood turns good books into bad movies.
* Bah. High schools banning their drama clubs from performing Rent.
* LOLeconz