February 12th, 2009


busy busy workday means late late news

"Obama is ostensibly dedicated to engaging in a dialogue with the American people on the key issues of the day - and in this case, the press corps could and should absolutely serve as the people's representatives. Who else can do it?"

* Court rules out a link between vaccines and autism.
* Pakistani official admits that the Mumbai attacks were probably planned in Pakistan. This is a big deal.
* Behind the scenes of the bailout argument, and how it presents a window into the White House's decision-making process.
* Whoah! Satellite collision. Unprecedented. This is why we need to monitor the stuff up there.
* Who's running the intelligence show?
* Taking another look at biodiversity.
* Ooh, they've almost finished the Neanderthal genome.
* The Explainer explains shark repellent.