February 11th, 2009


Mars, biowarfare, and press conferences

* Dan Froomkin's less-than-glowing review of Obama's first press conference.
* On the other hand, how about a town hall meeting without a pre-screened audience?
* What financial journalists can learn from the meltdown.
* On his way out the door, Bush gave lots of juicy assignments to cronies and Republican donors.
* The Army suspends the biodefense laboratory at Fort Detrick.
* Keen! Visualizing the tree of life, literally.
* And yes, times are tough, but I still think new Mars rovers are worth it.
* I don't know if anyone but me is interested in the magazine wholesalers news, but I will keep posting it.
* Neat read: the AV Club talks with Illeana Douglas.
* Photogalley: ten style icons for Black History month.