January 31st, 2009


a college thesis, a crappy accent, and Blackwater

Inside Obama's version of the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.

* State Department cancels its Blackwater contract.
* Nate Silver tries to decipher the Republican strategy of obstruction.
* Dan Froomkin on Obama's labor push.
* Chris Cillizza on Steele as the pick to head the RNC. More from the BBC here.
* More fallout from the Pope's controversial move.
* The foundations of Bush's policies in Elizabeth Cheney's college thesis?
* The AV Club interviews Ira Glass.
* Should actors even try to do foreign accents?

"In a little-discussed shift in recent years, the NFL has moved away from depicting its games in military terms."

Adult Swim terrorist

do not learn from history, doomed to repeat it

Two years ago today, a bunch of people in Boston created a terrorist scare when they decided that a bunch of Lite-Brite looking devices advertising a cartoon about fast food products solving crimes in New Jersey were clear evidence of a terrorist attack.

We must never let this important lesson from history be forgotten. It was truly among our finest hours.