January 28th, 2009

Rock Star

today's sermon

The neon lights in the night tonight will say
everything will flow
The stars that shine in the open sky will say
everything will flow
The lovers kissed with an openness will say
everything will flow
The cars parked in the hyper market know
everything will flow


a Roman boxer and a former aardvark

New report finds that teens online are relatively safe from adults, but face problems from other teens.

* Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept. reveals massive backlog of untested DNA from unsolved sexual assault cases.
* Saving newspapers by turning them into nonprofits?
* Andrew Cohen on those former Guantanamo prisoners that the Pentagon has claimed returned to the battlefield.
* Marc Lynch on the Arab reaction to the Obama interview.
* My longtime readers should note that Dan Froomkin has changed his format.
* Archaeologists find "the bust of a Roman boxer from the second or third century."
* Which is less necessary: a Tomb Raider reboot, or a less-goofy A-Team?

"5 tips for surviving the worldwide economic collapse I picked up rewatching The Road Warrior."