January 23rd, 2009


for comic book fans, and, uh, not comic book fans

Let's talk comics. In the past couple years, DC has expanded on the whole mythology behind the Green Lantern. Long story short, in addition to Green Lanterns, there are now Yellow Lanterns, Red Lanterns, down the whole spectrum. Whereas the Green Lanterns exemplify the strength of their will, the other colors have other sources and symbolism (Red Lanterns are driven by rage and anger, Yellow Lanterns are powered by fear, etc.) I think it's pretty keen, but I was wonder what other people thought, both those who follow comics in general and those who only have a passing knowledge of Green Lantern.

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What is your opinion of DC's recent expansion of the Green Lantern mythos?

I don't follow the comics, but it sounds interesting.
I don't follow the comics, but it sounds lame.
I'm familiar with what's going on, and I think it sounds interesting.
I'm familiar with what's going on, and it sounds lame.
What's a Green Lantern?
Other, as delineated in my comments below.


life is too busy for news

"The way to make government responsible is to hold it accountable. And the way to make government accountable is make it transparent so that the American people can know exactly what decisions are being made, how they're being made, and whether their interests are being well served."
-President Obama

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