November 24th, 2008


start saving boxes for us

After picking up Z. yesterday, we swung by that house we checked out in Rockville Kensington and signed an amusingly ad hoc agreement with the landlord (in lieu of the more official one to come) to start renting the place middle of next month. And gave him a big check for security deposit and the like. So, it's official. Come January, we'll be moved in to the new house right off Rockville Pike.


Tragically, this comes right before the holiday season. We've been living pretty frugally before, and looks like that trend will continue for a bit. Hopefully, we'll keep distracted with all the packing and unpacking. The good news is this move won't have to be done overnight like the last one, so it shouldn't be as titanically terrible.

[EDIT: M. has a link to the proposed floorplan here, because that is how she has been known to roll.]

Adult Swim terrorist

Stolen from ninjacooter

"A group of students at Princeton University would like to eliminate the right of freshmen to walk on campus sidewalks. Stating that they would like to 'preserve traditional sidewalk values' that define a sidewalk as a 'pathway for sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate students, faculty, staff, and other members of the university community,' the group, which is acting in support of a measure termed 'Princeton Proposition 8,' is now entering its second successful week of demonstration.

"The students emphasize that they are not 'froshophobic' and that some of their best friends are freshmen, but they maintain that freshmen on the sidewalk degrade the sacred institution of sidewalks, and jeopardize the validity of upperclassmen's own perambulation. It also makes some of them uncomfortable. They are very excited that California's Proposition 8 has set a clear precedent for a majority to eliminate a minority group's civil rights, and they see it as a perfect opportunity to utilize this development for their own gain."