November 16th, 2008


One Z. story I keep forgetting to post

Z.'s teacher relates a story to us, as to why she knew Z. was ready for advanced math. She gave Z. a problem, paraphrased as such: Two kids are having a birthday party. Aaron is 6, Beth is 3. How many candles should they have on their birthday cakes? Z. answered 11. Her teacher asked why, and Z. replied that they each needed one more, so he would need 7, and she would need 4, which adds together to be 11. Her teacher explained that, yes, that was correct after all.

Rock Star

Sundays with Z.

zandrakaren and her LJ_less beau went home after an afternoon of hanging out. Z. then proceeded to entertain me and her stuffed meercat with some high comedy. I took some notes, and yes, the form and style was about this disjointed.

The Puppet Theatre rules were as follows:
* No talking.
* No racketing.
* No coming up on the stage.
* "And that's it. Simple rules."
* "One last rule: Yes, you can bring stuffed animals . Because I might choose your stuffed animal and show it in the theater to make it funner for kids."

Then there was hula hooping; she's starting to get the hang of it. Then she had each of the cheerleaders, all played by herself, introduce themselves: Zoe, Sarah, Eric, and Christensen. They then played a game called alternately basketball and trashball (it did, in act, consist of throwing a ball into an empty trashcan.)

This was followed by 'Irish dancing' (to "Avanti" by Corvus Corax, which came up on my playlist. And which Z. always insists is Irish dancing music.) Which I believe took place at the Faerie Festival, which was also on stage.

You'll also note no puppets were actually involved.

She's full of creativity, I tell you.