November 8th, 2008

What the hell?!

RFO: monkey's paw!

It's not just that work is busy this morning. It's busy with really weird odds and ends. I'm seriously considering listing, as a reason for outage, that I suspect the other telco built something on an Indian burial ground, because they totally seem cursed.

Was supposed to hit a party in VA last night, but both M. and I really weren't up to the commute there and back. Long week. Will have to make it up to the birthday girl in the near future.

Tonight: party at my joint. Doors open at 8. Bring stuff if you want to.
Tomorrow: my family's coming to my place for some birthday hanging out.
Next week: getting things back on track to normalcy, as other big sekrit plans are afoot.


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"His election does not eliminate racial prejudice in this country with a single stroke. Nor does it instantly improve the lot of many minorities. But it changes the way America views itself, somewhat to our collective surprise, and that is no small accomplishment."
-Howard Kurtz

Write your own punchline: Israel is planning to build its new Museum of Tolerance... on a Muslim cemetary.

* Classy. The White House quietly issues new regulations on Medicaid services allowed for the poor.
* Colleges nationwide face financial difficulties.
* Credit where it's due: the Bush administration is doing a good job with the transition so far.
* "Obama's victory on Tuesday night means the streak of outsider campaigns beating insider campaigns continues."
* Good read: what next for John McCain?
* Wow. 'Ten facts you need to know about Rahm Emanuel.'
* Google at ten, and looking ahead to the next decade.