October 29th, 2008


rumor control

Z. slept okay; she woke up more than a couple times coughing, but no problems getting her back to sleep. Hopefully she'll be feeling better in the morning, after more medicine.

And I totally don't have a sore throat this morning. And I am sure it's just psychosomatic that I had a weird taste in my mouth, like she complained about yesterday. Purely coincidental.

In boring weather discussion news: man, it got freaky cold freaky fast. Was the onset of the cold this quick last year? I could have sworn there was a period of, you know, fall.

Oh, and while I have a captive audience here, question: on the Team Fortress server I've been haunting, they open with a soundbite quote of some guy saying "Know this, lady: killin' is my business, and business is good!" Sound familiar? I can't quite place it. (Other than the Megadeth album, yes.)


a couple reads

"Mr. Bush pointed with pride to his record at a conference sponsored by the Cincinnati chapter of the Federalist Society, the elite network for the conservative legal movement. He noted that he had appointed more than a third of the federal judiciary expected to be serving when he leaves office, a lifetime-tenured force that will influence society for decades and that represents one of his most enduring accomplishments. While a two-term president typically leaves his stamp on the appeals courts — Bill Clinton appointed 65 judges, Mr. Bush 61 - Mr. Bush's judges were among the youngest ever nominated and are poised to have an unusually strong impact."

Howard Kurtz: "Imagine that the polls were reversed and Barack Obama was seen as a long shot to win next Tuesday."

Wave of the future: the Christian Science Monitor will sack its print edition.

The AV Club interviews John Hodgman.