October 28th, 2008


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"Just as the Internet is changing newspapers, so it is also changing the AP. In its efforts to survive the tectonic shifts destabilizing most daily newspapers and to brand itself online - many of the above articles ran only on the Web as part of the new, edgier AP - the wire service is evolving into the world's largest virtual newspaper and a direct competitor to the papers that own it."

'Why McCain is getting hosed in the press.'

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The Shakespeare Free For All moves indoors.


sicky sicky

As noted elsewhere, the doc visit turns out that Z. does not have the flu, despite having been given that nasal flu mist thing on Monday. Nor does she have strep, always a threat this time of year. No, it seems she has an upper respiratory infection, which is really doing a number on her. She'll be fine, but she's all kinds of miserable right now.

Many thanks to the ever-excellent shibakiei for being ever-excellent, helping M. our with Z. all day today, and then shuttling us over to Patients First in the evening.