October 23rd, 2008


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"About 80% of Americans live in metropolitan areas, not small towns. A third of us are ethnic and racial minorities, but that's changing: Already, nearly 45% of children under 5 are minorities. Although 88% of us believe in God, 70% think that religions other than our own are equally valid routes to truth. And while 59% of us think that wearing an American flag pin is a decent way to show patriotism, even more of us (66%) think that protesting U.S. policies we oppose is a good way to show patriotism."
-Rosa Brooks, on the 'real America'

"It's really depressing. Having covered campaigns for decades, I have a high tolerance for candidates ripping each other apart. I have a lower tolerance for the attacks on patriotism. And some of them are starting to backfire."
-Howard Kurtz

Also, I'm seriously just about done posting Palin stories, but this article has interesting questions as to what Palin is up to. And someone should probably correct her as to what the vice-president does, because she is getting some basic facts wrong.

And because it entertains me: "The shopping spree cost about 75 times more than the average American spends per year on clothing; in 2006, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, that figure was $1,874. It also totaled more than the $125,000 Palin makes annually as governor."

What? "I think she's most qualified of any that has run recently for vice president, tell you the truth." McCain is amazed? Really? He couldn't see this coming?


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So. What don't we know about how the election will go? And, what are the candidates still hiding?

As state budgets tighten, police departments face cutbacks.

* Wonder why unemployment isn't doing worse? It's all about the numbers.
* Erg. Turns out the climate may be shifting faster than predicted.
* "Over half of the toy manufacturers in China have shut down since the beginning of 2008."
* Questioning state abortion-related ultrasound laws.
* Attention politics nerds: hachi machi.
* Oh, wow. Sketches of Von Braun's spaceship concepts.
* "We are standing at the brink of what will be two years of carnage for western media."
* The AV Club interviews Charlie Kaufman.

Hee. New, cheerier atheist ad campaign.